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where did this website’s sudden obsession with skeletons come from

From inside ourselves.

fcugn no first of alll;, you do not come into my house with your bullshit skeleton puns do u wanna fucking fite I could take like 5 shitty skeltons don’t test me

Bruces' Philosophers Song (Bruces' Song)
Monty Python
bruces’ philosophers song | monty python
there’s nothin’ nietszche couldn’t teach ya ‘bout the raising of the wrist / socrates himself was permanently pissed

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{ the scent of autumn time }

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Had a dream just now that Macklemore was named TIME magazine’s Most Muggable Musician and he showed up at an interview to accept the award and they mugged him


this is the strongest vine I ever seen

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There is a blind man here tuning my piano and he keeps making blind jokes

quote “you know when people ring me up to ask if I can fix their piano I like to tell them i’m so good I can do it without looking”

Sometimes people ask why i became a piano tuner and i tell them its because they wouldnt let me become a pilot

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do u ever really think about the Holy Grail filming though

  • the primary camera which had been specially designed broke on their very first day of filming so everything was delayed as hell while they sourced a new one
  • they couldn’t get Scotland to let them use its National Trust castles so they ended up using the same one for every single fucking castle and/or used paper cutouts
  • the only reason they used the music they did was because after a whole fucking soundtrack had been written they realised their budget didn’t actually expand to an orchestra, so they used stock music and the only actual original Python song in the whole deal is Knights Of The Round Table
  • Graham had delirium tremens during his very first take, suddenly realised and admitted that he was an alcoholic, and was consequently hammered out of his brain for the remainder of filming so he wouldn’t go into the DTs again
  • as a result of this he constantly picked fights with the other Pythons, extras and random hotel staff
  • and constantly forgot half his lines
  • and ran ass naked up and down hotel corridors yelling “Betty Marsden” until Michael asked him to stop so he could sleep (and so Michael then woke up to a note pushed under his door reading “with love, Betty Marsden”)
  • but miraculously still no one realised Gray’s drinking was making him so ill and so Michael’s diaries are full of random excuses for why he was shaking his ass off every morning (“we were up v high today I think Gray was scared” “I didn’t think it was that cold but Graham was shivering” “gosh tensions are running so high Gray was so mad with us he was literally shaking”)
  • the Terrys tried to codirect and fell out over literally everything
  • and consequently constantly reshot each other’s takes behind the other’s back
  • John kept getting upset because he doesn’t like being dirty and/or cold and they were in fucking Scotland and “there wasn’t enough hot water for a shower”
  • John and Eric consequently switched hotels from the rest of the cast and crew so John could get his fucking shower
  • they were all wearing knitted “armour” and I reiterate this was fucking freezing wet Scotland so they all froze half to death and had to keeping shooting anyway
  • and John got so pissed at Terry Gilliam’s directing style (“treating us like pieces of paper”) that he eventually essentially told him to fuck off, so filming was delayed even further so Terry G could go and be offended and cry and sulk by a wall

the highest grossing British comedy film of all time, everyone.

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Arguing about books vs. ebooks is like arguing about cake vs. also cake.

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It must’ve broken down long ago… Probably a gardener robot. It protected this place even after the people went away.

It has just occurred to me…



… that one of the reasons that clinically depressed folks and folks with Borderline Personality Disorder suffer from such low self-esteem (with attendant anxiety) is because, like most human beings, we tend to assume that everybody else’s interior life is more or less identical to our own. Therefore we assume that other people also have to master intense anxiety in order to call up a utility or go out to get groceries, and that other people spend most of their time agonizing about where they stand in relation to other people, or fighting to get up the courage to attend a doctor’s appointment or accept an invitation to a party.

Therefore, when we see those other people doing all those things with apparently little effort we think: Wow, look at how immensely brave they are! Look at how they jump over those hurdles without even pausing for breath! Why can’t I do that too? Why can’t I be brave enough?

And then we feel like terrible failures, and even sadder than we did before.

It seldom occurs to us that other people, people who aren’t depressed or dealing with BPD, aren’t actually crippled by the weight of sadness and worry and self-loathing that we carry on our shoulders every day.

And therefore it seldom occurs to us that we are actually very brave and strong and accomplished for managing to move at all, much less to move in ways that approach the effectiveness of the non-depressed.

We assume that everybody else has clipped wings just like us, and is managing to fly anyway. 

We almost never say to ourselves, I am braver and stronger than most people I know! And I can be proud of that!

Maybe we need to shift our frame of reference to understand the amazing extent of what we’ve managed to accomplish, just by continuing to exist.

#internalized ableism

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